Skills & Abilities

Administration with Legal Specialization

  • Ability to obtain relevant information through legal research
  • Complex legal document preparation per business needs including but not limited to agreements, contracts, and memorandums.
  • Business document preparation includes reports, transactional and financial documents.
  • Technical expertise with business and law office applications including Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Westlaw and Lexus Nexus
  • Fluency in regards to the American with Disability Act (ADA) for document and digital material compliance

Communications and Client Relations

  • Extensive experience with customer service and conflict resolution
  • Client interview and assessment
  • Speciality service to corporate and concierge clients
  • Organizing group meetings through variety of communications tools
  • Ability to conduct business calls, including inquiries, sales, and status updates
  • Planning and execution strategies to complete assigned tasks within group settings through collaboration and teamwork
  • Listening and documentation skills

Organization Management

  • Accounts receivable
  • Schedule and site management
  • Custom security needs assessments and deployments
  • Trade show exhibitor management, demonstrations and communications
  • Logistics and preparation of instructional materials for transport
  • Off-site setup and breakdown for instructors


I am a Veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Mortarman from 1998 to 1999. While serving I took coursework and gained skills in:

  • U. S. History with a Military concentration
  • The Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • Logistics and security
  • Collaboration and team building
  • Identifying efficient processes