Building a Sales Team – Nonprofit Edition


“Nonprofit” and “sales” are two words that rarely appear in the same sentence. But that’s changing—and for good reason. A growing number of nonprofits are discovering that without a sales team, their programs struggle to reach large numbers of intended beneficiaries.” – How Some Nonprofits Build Sales Teams on a Budget

Many nonprofits struggle to find participants in their programs, suffering from a “build-it-and-they-will-come” philosophy. Instead nonprofits should work on embracing a sales-driven approach. The Stanford Social Innovation Review has written in detail an article, How Some Nonprofits Build Sales Teams on a Budget. The article offers valuable advice and examples for developing a budget minded sales strategy while reaching more of the nonprofits target audience.

Personally, I see how adopting this approach would bring value-add to any service and program driven nonprofit environment. You can’t help nor connect with your audience if they don’t know you exist and if you don’t cultivate a trusting relationship. Nonprofit legal aid organizations, community services and education can all benefit.

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